Lestarikan Bangunan Tua

Date: 04 Oktober 2017

Client: UNESCO

Scope: UNESCO, Architectural Research

The Government of Jakarta is taking a proactive approach to the serious issues facing Kotatua and is leading an initiative to conserve and revitalize the area of Kotatua while seeking sustainable development opportunities for local people and businesses.  The Jakarta Government and the Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corporation have outlined conservation actions over the next five years. Within this framework the Jakarta Government has already taken a number of important initiatives such as the rehabilitation of selected buildings at Kotatua area as well as creation of new ‘creative zones’ in the area. The Indonesian government, through the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC), are also supporting in the revitalization of the area and are concerned with ensuring it gains protection under national heritage legislation. 

This website was dedicated as an initiative to respond those challenges by the project Best Practice Heritage Conservation and Capacity Training, part of main program entitled ‘Old City, New Vision: First phase project for the revitalization of Kotatua, Jakarta through sustainable tourism and heritage conservation’, that has developed by UNESCO, MoCE and the Jakarta provincial government to support the revitalization efforts.

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