Architecture And The Sites Of History : Interpretations Of Buildings And Cities
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Boston [us] : Butterworth Architecture, 1995.
xvii, 425 hlm.: ilus.; 24 cm.
Architecture And The Sites Of History : Interpretations Of Buildings And Cities
Iain Borden dan David Dunster
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Architecture and the Sites of History is an unusual and important book, presenting the complex nature of the history of buildings and cities. It proposes a radical historical agenda based on political and intellectual concerns, showing that the contradictory character of architecture and cities can be grasped only through the confrontation of different interpretations. Architecture is presented here as an active process, inviting the reader to puzzle over its content and meaning. The essays presented in this book, specially commissioned from sixteen different authors, cover a diverse range of subjects. Some historical, some theoretical; they explore architectural culture and everyday culture from the classical ancient world to today's deconstructivism.

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1. Architecture and the sites of history / Iain Borden and David Dunster
2. Greece seen from Rome (and Paris) / Martin Goalen
3. Urban classicism and modern ideology / Graham Ive
4. Versailles - a political theme park? / Adrian Forty
5. The rib, the arch and the buttress: the structure of gothic architecture / Francis Woodman
6. The power and the glory: the meanings of medieval architecture / Alexandrina Buchanan
7. The piazza, the artist and the Cyclops / Iain Borden
8. The palazzo type / David Dunster
9. Demand and supply in renaissance Florence / Graham Ive
10. City of spectacle: renaissance and baroque Rome / Jeremy Melvin
11. Three revolutionary architects: Boullee, Ledoux, Lequeu / Richard Patterson
12. Building classicism: speculative development in eighteenth century Paris / Maxine Copeland
13. Common sense and the picturesque / Adrian Forty
14. Architecture and philosophy: the case of G. W. F. Hegel / Jeremy Melvin.
15. Architecture and the industrial revolution: Pugin and Ruskin / Mark Swenarton
16. The politics of the plan / Iain Borden
17. Frank Lloyd Wright as educator: the Taliesin Fellowship Program, 1932-59 / Richard Candida Smith
18. Modernism and the USSR / Jonathan Charley
19. Patching the future: the evolution of a post-war housing estate / Joe Kerr
20. Form and technology: the idea of a new architecture / Andrew Higgott
21. The birth of a modern city: fin-de-siecle Vienna / David Dunster
22. The city without qualities / Adrian Forty
23. Gender and the city / Iain Borden
24. Theorizing European cities: Aldo Rossi, O. M. Ungers and Rob Krier / David Dunster
25. Industrialization and the city: work, speed-up, urbanization / Jonathan Charley
26. What is going on? / Richard Patterson
27. Commercial architecture / Graham Ive
28. Cities, cultural theory, architecture / Iain Borden.


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