Economic perspectives on cultural heritage
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New York [us] : St. Martins Press, 1997.
xiii, 244 hlm.: ilus., peta; 23 cm.
Economic perspectives on cultural heritage
edited by Michael Hutter and Ilde Rizzo
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ISBN: 0312176279 (cloth)

Papers presented at a conference held in Catania, Sicily from 16-19 Nov. 1995.
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Bab 1. Economic Perspectives on Cultural Heritage: An Introduction / Michael Hutter
Bab 2. Seven Questions in the Economics of Cultural Heritage / David Throsby
Bab 3. The Evaluation of Cultural Heritage: Some Critical Issues / Bruno S. Frey
Bab 4. Optimizing the Use of Cultural Heritage / Christian Koboldt
Bab 5. The Value of Cultural Heritage / Arjo Klamer
Bab 6. The Political Economy of Rehabilitation: The Case of the Benedettini Monastery / Giacomo Pignataro and Ilde Rizzo
Bab 7. Cultural Heritage and Preservation Policies: Notes on the History of the Italian Case / Guido Guerzoni
Bab 8. The Development of British Policy on Built Heritage Preservation / Stephen Creigh-Tyte
Bab 9. Features and Recent Developments of Cultural Heritage Policy in Japan / Yoshimasa Kurabayashi
Bab 10. Tax Policies and Cultural Heritage / Dick Netzer
Bab 11. Privatization Policies in Venice / Gianfranco Mossetto
Bab 12. Conserving Historic Monuments in France: A Critique of Official Policies / Francoise Benhamou
Bab 13. Towards a European Market for Arts and Culture Goods: Some Proposals / Francesco Forte
Bab 14. Towards a Workable Heritage Policy / Alan Peacock


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