History of urban form : before the Industrial Revolutions
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London [uk] : Godwin, 1979.
x, 317 hlm.: ilus., peta, plans; 26 cm.
History of urban form : before the Industrial Revolutions
A.E.J. Morris
Planologi -- Sejarah
ISBN: 0711455120
Bibliografi: hlm. 306-308 dan indeks
Previous ed.: published as "History of urban form, prehistory to the Renaissance". 1972.

Town planning, to 1867 (BNB/PRECIS)
Provides an international history of urban development, from its origins to the industrial revolution. This well established book maintains the high standard of information found in the previous two editions, describing the physical results of some 5000 years of urban activity. It explains and develops the concept of 'unplanned' cities that grow organically, in contrast with 'planned' cities that were shaped in response to urban form determinants. Spread throughout the texts are copious illustrations from a wealth of sources, including cartographic urban records, aerial and other photographs, original drawings and the author's numerous analytical line drawings.

Daftar Isi
1. The Early Cities
2. Greek City States
3. Rome and the Empire
4. Medieval Towns
5. The Renaissance: Italy Sets a Pattern
6. France: Sixteenth to
8. Britain: Sixteenth to Mid Nineteenth Centuries
9. Spain and her Empire
10. Urban USA
11. Islamic Cities of the Middle East
12. Appendix A: China
13. Appendix B: Japan
14. Appendix C: Indian Mandalas
15. Appendix D: Indonesia
16. Appendix E: Comparative Plans of Cities


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