Rethinking architecture : a reader in cultural theory
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New York [us] : Routledge, 1997.
xxi, 409 hlm.; 25 cm.
Rethinking architecture : a reader in cultural theory
Neil Leach
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offers a refreshing take on the statement of architecture -- what we mean by what we build. Brought together for the first time, this collection of core writings on architecture by many of the key philosophers and cultural theorists of the twentieth century reconsiders many of the accepted tenets of architectural theory from a broader cultural perspective. Rethinking Architecture represents a careful selection of the very best theoretical writings on the ideas which have shaped our cities and our experiences around architecture. Neil Leach lays out five sections composing the predominant schools of twentieth century thought. Sectional introductions link important ideas and themes, and surveys of the lives and works of each theorist preface their writings.

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Theodor W. Adorno -- Functionalism Today
Georges Bataille -- Architecture -- Slaughterhouse -- Museum
Walter Benjamin -- On Some Motifs in Baudelaire -- Paris, Capital of the Nineteenth Century
Ernst Bloch -- Formative Education, Engineering Form, Ornament
Siegfried Kracauer -- The Hotel Lobby -- On Employment Agencies: The Construction of a Space
Georg Simmel -- Bridge and Door -- The Metropolis and Mental Life
Gaston Bachelard -- Poetics of Space
Martin Heidegger -- Building, Dwelling, Thinking -- ... Poetically Man Dwells ... -- The Origin of the Work of Art -- Art and Space
Hans-Georg Gadamer -- The Ontological Foundation of the Occasional and the Decorative
Henri Lefebvre -- The Production of Space
Gianni Vattimo -- The End of Modernity, The End of The Project? -- Ornament/Monument
Roland Barthes -- Semiology and the Urban -- The Eiffel Tower
Umberto Eco -- Function and Sign: The Semiotics of Architecture.;How an Exposition Exposes Itself
Jean Baudrillard -- The Beaubourg-effect: Implosion and Deterrence -- America
Jurgen Habermas -- Modern and Postmodern Architecture
Fredric Jameson -- The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism -- The Constraints of Postmodernism -- Is Space Political?
Jean-Francois Lyotard -- Domus and the Megalopolis
Andrew Benjamin -- Eisenman and the Housing of Tradition
Helene Cixous -- Attacks of the Castle
Gilles Deleuze -- Postscript on the Societies of Control -- City/State
Jacques Derrida -- Architecture Where the Desire May Live -- Point de Folie - maintenant l"architecture -- Why Peter Eisenman Writes Such Good Books
Michel Foucault -- Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias -- Panopticism -- Space, Knowledge and Power
Paul Virilio -- The Overexposed City.


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