China illustrated : western views of the middle kingdom
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Boston [us] : Tuttle Publishing, 2004.
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China illustrated : western views of the middle kingdom
Arthur Hacker
Sosial budaya -- Cina -- Masa Dinasti
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From the mid-16th century to the beginning of World War II, foreigners learned a great deal about China through trade contacts. This lavishly illustrated social history highlights the lives and lifestyles of the merchants, mercenaries, missionaries, adventurers and refugees who came to China during this period, set against the backdrop of China's great cities and the ancient culture of its people.
A short commentary on the history of the period sets the scene in each chapter, allowing readers to follow the dramatic changes that took place through these turbulent years. The informative text and hundreds of images, many never published before, brilliantly capture the atmosphere of China throughout the centuries.

Daftar Isi
Chapter 1
East is East and West is West (1557-1860)
Foreign Devils from the West
Matteo Ricci and the First Jesuits in China
The John Company and Others
The Swedish East India Company
The Embassies That Failed
An Artist on the Grand Canal
The Interlopers and Taipans
Laboriously Vile
An American at Canton
Commissioner Lin and Captain Elliot
Two Irishmen
The Pirates of the South China Sea
Harry Parkes and the Arrow War
Old Maps of China
Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Prints of China

Chapter 2
The Empire of Opportunity and the Treaty Ports (1860-1894)
The Beginning of the Missionary Invasion
TheTaiping Rebellion (1851-1864)
The Ever-Victorious Army
Sir Robert Hart of the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs
Ching Peking
The First Treaty Ports
The Great China Tea Race
Transport in the Middle Kingdom
Footbinding: Ching Dynasty Fashion Victims
Through China with a Camera (1868-1872)
A Country of Clubs

Chapter 3
The End of Empire and the New Republic (1894-1918)
Weihaiwei:The Scramble for Concessions
Tzu Hsi:The Dragon Empress
The Boxer Rebellion: The Siege of the Legations
The Odd Couple: Sir Edmund Backhouse and Dr G. E. Morrison
Port Arthur:The Russian Concession in Manchuria
Life before Television in Expatriate China
A Touch of Satire in Ching China
The Double Tenth 1911 and the Fall of the House of Ching
A Camel in the Chinese Customs Service
The Maker of Heavenly Trousers

Chapter 4
Turbulence and Decadence (1919-1927)
The Grandeur of the Three Gorges
Sir Reginald Johnston:Tutor to the Last Emperor
The Man Who Captured the Great Wall of China
Shanghai:The Days of No Tomorrow
Cigarette Advertising in the Great Tobacco War
Picture Postcards of China
Sun Yat-sen's Bodyguard: General Two-Gun Cohen
The Shanghai Volunteers
The Incident on the Blue Express and Other Kidnappings
The White Russians
The Northern Expedition and Chiang Kai-shek's Coup

Chapter 5
Nationalistic China at Peace and War (1928-1941)
The Pursuit of Wealth
Carl Crow and His 400 Million Customers
The Westernized Chinese
The Gentle Art of Making Fun
The Great Espionage Epidemic
Photographers of the 1920s and 1930s
The Japanese Attack on Shanghai (1932)
The Lull and the Storm
The Media Circus
The Rape of Nanking (December 1937)


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