A history of fortification : from 3000 BC to AD 1700
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Barnsley [uk] : Pen & Sword Military Classics, 2006.
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A history of fortification : from 3000 BC to AD 1700
by Sidney Toy
Benteng -- Sejarah
Originally published: London : William Heinemann, 1955.

The necessity to defend territory from strong points has been a fact of life since mankind first settled into agricultural communities. Sidney Toy traces the development of the art of fortification from the period of earliest historical examples down to the forts designed for defense by artillery, noting the salient features of the military works as well as the siege operations mounted against them. The castle is considered in its military aspect, as a fortress, and its domestic arrangements only in so far as they are ancillary to its function as a fortification and are necessary in its residence.
This book is a product of a lifetime of travel, exploration and architectural study. The author himself surveyed most of the places described, and has drawn clear and fascinating ground maps and cross sections. There are also 200 superb photographs, maps and plans.

Daftar Isi
1 Ancient Fortresses
2 Fortifications of Greece and Rome, 300BC to 200BC
3 Fortifications in Europe and the Levant, 200BC to 30BC
4 Fortifications of the Roman Empire
5 Byzantine Fortifications from the Fifth to the Tenth Century
6 Fortifications of Western Europe from the Fifth to the Twelfth Century
7 Rectangular Keeps, or Donjons
8 Fortifications of the Twelfth Century in the Levant
9 Transitional Keeps of the Twelfth Century
10 Fortification and Buildings of the Bailey in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
11 Castles from about 1190 to 1280
12 Weapons and Seige Operations of Later Roman and Mediaeval Times
13 Castles from about 1280 to 1320
14 Towns, Fortified Bridges, Fortified Churches, and Towers
15 Curtains, Gates, and other Defences to about 1400
16 Development of the Tower-House: Transitioni Period
17 Fortification for Artillery
18 Siege of Rhodes in 1480


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