Bank Indonesia

Date: 01 Desember 2009

Client: Dept. Perencanaan Logistik & Jasa Bank Indonesia

Scope: Measurement, Redrawing, Architectural Historic Reasearch, Book Writing

Occupying the ex hospital called Binnen Hospitaal, De Javasche Bank started the banking function in this building in 1828.  The bank lies on Jl. Bank and additional structures were constructed at its sides in 1909-1912 based on the design by the architect bureau of Fermont en Cuypers.  One of the later structures on the corner of Jl. Bank and Jl. Pintu Besar Utara has a Neo-classic façade that is fully decorated with Hindi ornaments.  In 1922, De Javasche Bank built a new unit at the west wing facing Kali Besar.

The ex hospital part was then demolished and in 1924 it was replaced by a new building whose windows were made from decorative stained glass with the icons of trade commodities during the Dutch colony and the Greek god and goddess with marvelous Hindi style.

In 1933-1935 the architects bureau of Fermont and Cuypers with Thomas C. Nix the architect, designed another additional unit facing Jl. Pintu Besar Utara.  Therefore, the façade became simpler as seen today.  After 1935, there was no significant change anymore and its good condition survives till now under the use of the Bank Indonesia.

Designed by the prominent architect of its time, the building is a grand masterwork of a harmonious mix of the elegant neo-classic architecture with the strong Western influence and the exotic Hindi ornaments from the Eastern.  And that forms a monumental architecture full of historic and cultural value.