Sion Church

Date: 01 Desember 2009

Client: Paramita Jaya And Sion Curch

Scope: Measurement, Redrawing, Architectural Historic Reasearch, Historic Research, And Exhibition

The church that lies at the corner of Jl. Pangeran Jayakarta was constructed in 1695. Established outside the boundary wall of Jakarta at that time, the church was originally named ‘Portuguesche Buitenkerk’ because it served a mardijker community – the freed Portuguese slaves. Although called Portugese, the mardijker was actually Malays, Indians and Srilangkans.

The church is a modest building with tall windows on every side. It is also decorated with a bell tower at the front. Initially, it was a wooden church but after 1725 it was reconstructed with bricks. The interior is beautified by a magnificent Baroque canopy over the altar and a trophy-shaped podium. Across the altar is a splendid Baroque-ornamented organ. On the side yard of the church, there is a cemetery with beautiful and well-maintained tombs.